The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice


File : Impact of the publication of the 2012 edition of the CEPEJ evaluation report of European judicial systems


20th CEPEJ plenary meeting, 6 and 7 December 2012 in Strasbourg

    Thematic analysis of the Press review on the occasion of the publication of the CEPEJ Report “European judicial systems – 2012 edition”

          § Public Expenditures: courts, prosecution system and legal aid

The articles report figures regarding the budget for justice. They mention that the budget is one of the most important in Europe but this observation must be mitigated by the small size of the country.

          § Status and career of judges and prosecutors (incomes, responsibilities)

The article recalls that, as in Ireland and Scotland, it is impossible to complain about the administration of justice in Monaco.

          § Fair trial and court activity (clearance rate, disposition time)

The article reports the judicial backlog which tends to increase. The journalist adds that the lengths of proceedings in Monaco must be mitigated given the complex financial procedures considered in the courts which can take more than one year.

          § Presence of the defendants at hearings

An article raises the issue of the defendant’s presence at the hearings and notes that in 2010, 49% of defendants were not present or were not represented at hearings.

          § Prosecutors

An article mentions that more than half of cases brought to prosecutors were classified, in 2010.