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Training of judges and prosecutors in media and the judiciary

Communications and the judiciary in England and Wales: Lord Kilmuir to Lord Woolf ….. and beyond
Mr Mike WICKSTEED, Head of Judicial Communications for England and Wales (United Kingdom)


Relations between the Judiciary and the Press during the "11-M" trial, concerning the 2004 Madrid bombings
Mr Carlos BERBELL, Communication Adviser to the Presidency, Spanish General Council for the Judiciary (Spain)

La Formation des Magistrats en matière de Média et Justice – Relations et Coopération à la lumière de "l’Affaire DUTROUX" (French only)
M. Philippe MORANDINI, 1er Substitut du Procureur du Roi, Membre du Conseil Supérieur de la Justice (Belgique)

Media coverage of court activity in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights
Mr Frédéric GRAS, Barrister at the Paris Bar (France)

How to train judges in Council of Europe instruments and in their implementation ?

The judge as the first guarantor of International Law in the domestic legal order – Corpus of the Council of Europe Law that the judge must know and implement
Mr Alain LACABARATS, Directeur du Service de Documentation et d’Etudes de la Cour de Cassation, Paris (France)

The specific methodologies to increasingly take into consideration the Corpus of the Council of Europe Law in judicial training institutions and to integrate it in the initial and in-service training programmes
Mr Mihai SELEGEAN, Director of the National Institute of Magistracy of Romania (NIM), Bucarest (Romania)

European co-operation in the field of data protection
Mr Joaquin BAYO DELGADO, Assistant European Data Protection Superviser (EDPS), Brussels (Belgium)


Training the magistrate for his/her interaction with the parties

How to train the judge and the prosecutor to behave appropriately with the defendant? "Judgecraft and the judicial process"
Mr Victor HALL, Judge, Director of Studies, Judicial Studies Board, London (United Kingdom)

How to train the civil judge to behave appropriately between two parties, including to facilitate mediation?
Ms Helena BOLIEIRO, Family Court Judge, Trainer – Centre for Judicial Studies, Lisbon (Portugal)

Written contributions from Austria, Belgium Germany, Montenegro and Norway


The Quality of the training of Magistrates and common European standards for judicial training

The quality of judicial training in the light of the recent European developments (at national and international level) in the field of training of Magistrates
Mr Michel ALLAIX, Deputy Director of the National School of Magistrates (ENM) of France

Identification of the criteria for the admission of magistrates to continuous training activities
Mr Pasquale PROFITI, Prosecutor, Court of Trento (Italy)

Assessment of the quality of training
Mr Mihai SELEGEAN, Director of the National Institute of Magistracy (NIM) of Romania


The position of the Schools of Magistrates in the judiciary and their role in the training of magistrates

General report - The Lisbon Network and the Future of the Professional Training of Magistrates in a Wider Europe
Mr Raffaele SABATO, Judge, Tribunal of Naples, Italy



Recrutement et formation des magistrats en Europe : une étude comparative (Russian version - English version not available)
Giacomo OBERTO, Magistrat de Cour d’Appel, Juge au Tribunal de Turin (Italie), Secrétaire Général Adjoint de l’Union Internationale des Magistrats

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