The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice


The Working Group on execution (CEPEJ-GT-EXE) is instructed to enable a better implementation of the relevant standards of the Council of Europe regarding execution of court decisions in civil, commercial and administrative matters at national level.

In order to fulfil its tasks, the CEPEJ-GT-EXE must in particular:

  • assess the impact in the states of the existing relevant instruments of the Council of Europe on execution or court decisions at national level;

  • draft, if appropriate, guidelines aimed to ensure an effective implementation of the existing standards of the Council of Europe;

  • draft, if appropriate, quality standards on execution in order to improve the accessibility of execution systems and the efficiency of execution services.

(Photo: members of the Working group on execution)


Legal instruments

Recommendation (2003) 16 on the execution of administrative and judicial decisions in the field of administrative law

Recommendation (2003) 17 on enforcement



Conferences, round tables, seminars....

Global Forum on Enforcement jointly organised by the CEPEJ and the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) in the Council of Europe, on 10 December 2014


Round Table on “Effective remedies against non-execution or delayed execution of domestic court decisions” - Conclusions of the Round Table held in the Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 15 – 16 March 2010 - Document prepared by the Department for the execution of judgments of the ECHR (Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs)



Terms of reference
Composition of the Working Group
Meeting reports

Good practice guide on enforcement of judicial decisions

Guidelines for a better implementation of the existing Council of Europe's Recommendation on enforcement


CEPEJ Studies

Enforcement of court decisions in Europe - CEPEJ Studies No. 8