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A “Curriculum Framework for Romani” (CFR) has been developed to support the teaching of Romani. It was designed for practitioners as well as for manual designers and policy deciders. The CFR concerns age groups 4-16 and can be adapted to local contexts and needs. After a piloting phase a revised version was published in 2008.


Tools for learning and teaching Romani

To supplement the CFR, additional tools were produced to help more specifically teachers of Romani: two European Language Portfolio models (for age groups 6-11 and 11-16) accompanied by a Handbook for teachers.

These documents are available in English and Romani, and in a number of other languages .

The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) offers support for Romani teaching and learning and in particular a Training and Consultancy activity for educational professionals in the ECML’s member states.


Seminar 2008 : «Teaching Romani Curriculum Framework for Romani and European Language Portfolio»

A follow-up seminar involving 17 countries concerned with the issue of teaching Romani was held in Strasbourg on 27-28 November 2008 : “Teaching Romani: Curriculum Framework for Romani and European Language Portfolio”.

New practical instruments to foster the teaching and learning of Romani were introduced: two European Language Portfolio models designed for age groups 6-11 and 11-14. They are accompanied by a Handbook for teachers.

Results of the piloting of the Curriculum Framework for Romani were also presented. Exchanges regarding possible networks between participants took place, as well as with international instances. Issues such as teacher training and school books were examined.

* Results of the 2008 Seminar (Report, Programme and Presentations, Documents)

Seminar 2007: «A Curriculum Framework for Romani»

With a view to introducing the CFR and launching a piloting phase, a seminar involving 10 countries (representatives of ministries with responsibilities for Romani in the curriculum, and Roma educators) was organised in May 2007 by the Language Policy Division in Strasbourg. This was the first phase leading to a wider implication of further countries concerned in 2008.

A piloting phase was launched subsequently to the seminar. Projects presented by participants are included in the seminar’s report (see below, available in English and in Romani).
*Results of the 2007 seminar (Report, Programme and Presentations, Documents)

A Council of Europe Recommendation

In February 2008 the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation addressed to all its member states on Policies for Roma and/or Travellers in Europe [Recommendation CM/Rec(2008)5]

See also the Policy Paper on the Romani Language