Education and Languages, Language Policy

From linguistic diversity to plurilingual education:
Guide for the Development of Language Education Policies in Europe

The Guide for the Development of Language Education Policies in Europe is organised in three parts:

  • analyses of current language education policies in Europe (common characteristics of member states policies and presentation of Council of Europe principles) ;
  • information required for the formulation of language education policies (methodologies for policy design, aspects/factors to be taken into account in decision making);
  • implementation of language education policies (guiding principles and policy options for deciders in providing diversification in choice of languages learned and in promoting the development of plurilingual competence; inventory of technical means and description of each ’solution’ with indicators of cost, lead in time, means, teacher training implications, administration etc.).

The document is intended for those who influence, formulate and implement language education policy at any level. It presents approaches to the development of policies rather than policies as such, and is designed to accommodate the needs of different education contexts.

The Guide exists in two versions of unequal length to suit the needs of specific groups of readers:

  • the “Main Version (2007) is the reference version, written for those who decide language education policy, and which provides the scientific and professional argument and evidence in detail. The new edition was developed after a process of consultation; it includes cross-references to related Studies, as well as a glossary
  • an abridged “Executive Version” (2007), written for policy deciders involved in language education policies but who may have no specific specialist knowledge of technical matters in language education.

The Guide is accompanied by a series of separately published Reference Studies on key policy issues which provide in-depth analysis of key issues covered in the Main Version.

[As Draft 1 (2003) of the Main Version is often quoted in Language Education Policy Profiles up to 2006, this first version remains available online]