One in Five

Campaign material

The Council of Europe has developed materials to increase understanding of the issue of sexual violence and to promote the campaign messages. Most material has been designed for use by decision makers, advocacy groups and professionals working for and with children. Specific awareness-raising material has been developed to empower parents and children to prevent and report sexual violence.

The Council of Europe will encourage the translation of all the campaign material into as many languages as possible, in collaboration with the member states that join the campaign.

Currently available are:
  • the ONE in FIVE website: with background information and the latest campaign news and resources
  • the ONE in FIVE campaign poster and postcards

  • a publication on many aspects of sexual violence: "Protecting children from sexual violence - A comprehensive approach" (2010)
  • a handbook  prepared by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to assist parlamentarians in advocating for the ratification and implementation of the Lanzarote Convention
Read more about the parliamentary dimension of the campaign here

Lanzarote Convention Pocket-format

An information brochure on the Lanzarote Convention

“The Underwear Rule” material was developed to prevent sexual abuse by encouraging dialogue between parents and children includes:
"The Underwear Rule" material is currently available in various languages