Regína Jensdóttir, Head of the Children’s Rights Division

Gioia Scappucci, Executive Secretary to the Lanzarote Committee

Mikaël Poutiers, Administrator to the Lanzarote Committee

Maren Lambrecht, Programme Officer

 Livia Stoica Becht, Programme Officer

 Moritz Taylor, Policy Officer

 Naomi Trewinnard, Senior Project Officer

 Tara Beattie, Programme Advisor

 Mirka Honko, Senior Project Officer

Lucia Popescu, Project Officer

Ovidiu Majina, Project Officer

Susie Morgan, Principal Programme Assistant

Valérie Giret, Assistant

 Valentyna Kryvenkova, Assistant

Victoria Fonari, Project assistant

Alexandra Slave, Project assistant

 Victoria Koplatadze, Project assistant