About 1 in 5 children falls victim to violence including sexual abuse. This can be prevented by teaching children the underwear rule using the child-friendly Kiko and the Hand and Kiko and the Manymes materials.

Kiko and the Hand teach the Underwear Rule, a simple guide to help parents explain to children where others should not try to touch them, how to react and where to seek help. This material destined for children aged 3 to 7 will help parents and caregivers explain to children that their bodies belong to them, that there are good and bad secrets and good and bad touches.

Kiko and the Manymes teaches children about 'the golden rules of screens'. With the short video, storybook and advice for adults, very young children aged 4-7 are introduced to a basic set of rules to empower children to protect their privacy and their image in the online environment.