One in Five

Madrid: launching of the One in Five campaign
in Spain

02.12.2011 - On 28 November, the Spanish Federation of Associations for the prevention of child abuse and neglect (FAPMI), the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality and the Council of Europe launched the One in Five Campaign in Spain. Film Director Montxo Armendariz attended the event and expressed his support to the campaign by joining Kikos friends.  In his last film (No tengas miedo), Mr Armendariz uses his immense talent to tell the story of a girl sexually abused by her father, a fiction reflecting the harsh reality and combined with real victims testimonials.

The actions foreseen in the Spanish Campaign are primarly focusing in the prevention of sexual abuse of young children, through the dissemination of the Underwear rule material (La regla de Kiko). A training guide has been developed and trainings of trainers are taking place in several cities in Spain.