The Council of Europe works to create a safer digital environment for children worldwide

1 June 2024 Online

On the occasion of 1 June, which marks the International Day for the Protection of Children in several countries around the world, the Council of Europe reiterates its commitment to protect children’s rights and wellbeing, online and offline, through relevant treaties and effective mechanisms...

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Data Exchange and Intelligence Forum fuels collective effort for combating online child abuse

11 October 2023 Amsterdam

On September 28th, INHOPE hosted the Data Exchange and Intelligence Forum in Amsterdam, bringing together over 60 representatives from key stakeholders - such as INTERPOL, Europol, The European Commission, Discord, WeTransfer, Ziuz Forensic Investigation, Council of Europe, WeProtect Global...

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Republic of Moldova: CoE-ECPAT Country Overview highlights increase in sexual abuse and exploitation of children facilitated by technology

4 May 2023 Strasbourg

A joint Council of Europe-ECPAT Country Overview of the Republic of Moldova highlights a significant increase in online child sexual abuse and exploitation of children, facilitated by technology. In the first half of 2021, out of the 1,745 calls made to the online platform that provides...

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New country overview of Finland reveals the need for tailored regulations and technologies for protecting children online

13 April 2023 Strasbourg

A new country overview of Finland, prepared under the responsibility of the Secretariat of Children's Rights Division of the Council of Europe, in cooperation with ECPAT International, assesses the existing framework for protecting children against sexual abuse and exploitation, given the...

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Online child sexual exploitation and abuse (OCSEA) training organised for Finnish prosecutors, judges and investigators

29-30 March 2023 Tampere, Finland

On 29 and 30 March 2023, 31 Finnish judiciary and law enforcement professionals participated in a Training on preventing and combating online child exploitation and abuse (OCSEA), organised by the Council of Europe Children’s Rights Division, in Tampere, Finland. The training was based on the...

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Launch of an interdisciplinary outcomes report on the potential implications of the EU’s Proposal for a Regulation to prevent and combat child sexual abuse

1 February 2023 Strasbourg

On 1 February 2023, the Committee of Parties to the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (“Lanzarote Committe”) held an exchange of views with the European Commission on the European Union Regulation proposal to prevent and combat...

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The European Union Digital Services Act also includes safeguards and obligations for companies regarding CSAM

November 2022

Having entered into force in November 2022, the European Digital Services Act recognizes the importance of protecting children online and sets obligations for online platforms and online search engines. Thus, prompt removal of online illegal content depicting children, including sexual material...

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European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

18 November 2022 Strasbourg, France

Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children can happen at home, in school, during extra curricula activities, on the streets, over the phone, through a webcam or online in general. In most cases (70 to 85%) it is inflicted by someone the child knows, in their circle of trust, and causes...

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United Kingdom’s Online Safety Bill sets out to tackle online child sexual exploitation and abuse

November 2022

The UK’s Online Safety Bill, currently under parliamentary debate, provides for companies’ mandatory removal of online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), mandatory risk assessments and mandatory reporting of CSAM to the National Crime Agency. The bill criminalizes offences such as communications...

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Octopus Project and GLACY+: Workshop on countering online child sexual exploitation and abuse, Mauritius

25-26 October 2022 Mauritius

The increasing use by children of information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as social media, mobile messaging applications and online games, has created new opportunities for sexual offenders to target and harm children. The physical and psychological impact on victims of these...

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European Commission: Regulation Proposal on Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

May 2022 Brussels, Belgium

In May 2022, the European Commission proposed a new regulation to prevent and combat online child sexual abuse. The new rules establish the creation of a new independent EU Centre on Child Sexual Abuse (EU Centre), clear obligations for service providers to detect, report, remove and block access...

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New French law criminalises school and university bullying

February 2022

In February 2022, the French Parliament adopted a new law that criminalizes school and university bullying, including cyberbullying. Offenders can be sanctioned with a fine of up to 150,000 euros and imprisonment for up to 10 years. The law also provides for search and seizure of stored computer...

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Automated Detection of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse: Findings and Recommendations

25 June 2021 Strasbourg, France

The scale of online child sexual exploitation and abuse is increasing at an alarming rate. To date, the response to this challenge consists also of voluntary actions involving the use of automated detection technologies by private sector actors to detect, report and remove child sexual abuse...

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