Retour Norway: Action against cyberviolence

In Norway, several public and private initiatives have been undertaken. This includes the partially publicly-financed service ("DeleteMe"). This service was started and formerly run by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, but is now a separate entity. The main service is a website that has collected information about how to get in touch with various Internet and social media services to remove or de-link unwanted content. also offers an answering service for people with questions about how to remove unwanted content. In some cases, has also assisted in contacting service providers. In addition, in one recent court case, a senior advisor from gave expert witness testimony regarding its experience on the effects and consequences of unwanted private content on the Internet, including sexual content. In addition to public financing, also gets support and assistance from a telecom company.

Barnevakten is an NGO focusing on information, focusing on school children and their parents. One of their initiatives, "Bruk Hue" ("Use your head") is a project to fight Internet harassment. This is done in cooperation with other organisations and is supported by several parties, including a telecom company and the Norwegian Media Authority. By visiting schools, this project aims to increase awareness of this issue and to assist children and youth in taking good choices online. Since 2009, this project has visited 1000 schools and talked to 250,000 children and 50,000 parents about digital harassment and good conduct online. According to their own statistics, 7 out of 10 children say, after the school visit, that they now know how to handle digital harassment. 9 out of 10 parents say that, before the school visit, they knew nothing about this problem and/or possible solutions.

The Norwegian Media Authority also runs its own project, Trygg Bruk ("Safe Use"), to assist children and youth to have a safer and better digital life. In cooperation with an NGO, it runs the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC Norway). This centre has an advisory board that includes people representing the Norwegian police, ICT Norway, the University of Oslo and others.

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