We would like to bring to the notice of the general public that several types of financial scam messages and/or letters purporting to be sent by MONEYVAL or authored by its Executive Secretary are currently in circulation.

These messages inform the individuals concerned that they have won a lottery or that they are entitled to receive large sums of monies, often as an inheritance. The individual is systematically instructed to send their personal bank details or to pay advance fees, and sometimes it is indicated that the funds would be blocked or confiscated by MONEYVAL in cases of failure to carry out such payments.

Please note that MONEYVAL is not connected in any way with these fraudulent mails. Contrary to what is stated in these scam messages or letters, MONEYVAL will not send unsolicited correspondence to any member of the public requesting that they provide their personal and/or bank details or that they make any sort of financial transaction.

As such, MONEYVAL does not authorize, verify, monitor or assist in contract or inheritance payments between third parties and/or Governments, nor does it endorse the activity of any bank, financial institution or other public or private agency. It never requests fees, produces clearance orders nor has the capacity to block any account or confiscate assets.

If you have received such e-mails, you are advised to terminate all further contacts with the scammers, and in the event that you have sent them information or funds, contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately.

If you still have doubts about the authenticity of a message which would appear to have been sent by MONEYVAL or which makes reference to such action being taken by MONEYVAL, do not hesitate to contact us.