PDF version of the document


of the meeting to be held on Wednesday 27 January

15h30 - 17h, room G02, Agora

New technologies at the service of the Conference - How to do better?


1. A constantly changing media environment

The development of media has an impact on the functioning of NGOs and civil society as a whole.

The effects are many, but there are also consequences for NGOs in their way of working and communicating.

Today’s meeting proposes a common reflection on our communication needs taking into account the changes in the use of media and the arrival of social networks.

2. The visibility and legibility of the actions of the Conference are a strategic issue

The visibility of the actions of the Conference and of the activities of its members is a major issue and challenge for the year 2016. We need to communicate with each other and with the outside. If we are to fulfil our objectives (see the Conference Action Plan), we must create a strong and wide distribution network and work together to diffuse messages to increase our influence. Communication between INGOs and their members has always been a strategic issue.

3. Where are we and where do we want to go?

1. Team and communication plan
2. Communication charter
3. Communication strategy
4. Communication tools
5. Questions and exchange of views amongst the participants
6. Actions to be taken together