NGO “35mm”

Balkan Without Hate

March 2016 to March 2017 Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Italy, Greece, Estonia

The project explored how young people and youth work can benefit from the creation of genuine youth documentaries on what kind of (multicultural) societies they want to live in. The purpose was to showcase that young people from different, and usually perceived as conflicting, national identity...

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Novisi Elkartea, Bilbao

El empoderamiento lo hace possible! Empowerment makes it possible!

2016 Bilbao, Spain

In this time where immigration, tolerance and peaceful coexistence are becoming a real challenge to Europe, it is vital to implement actions that focus on countering xenophobia, extremism and violence. Training Course Impact Long-Term Migrants Discrimination This activity did that and at the same...

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