Training to Data processing mapping for Tunisian DPOs

Tunis 24 May 2022
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Training to Data processing mapping for Tunisian DPOs

 At the request of the Tunisian National Authority for Personal Data Protection (INPDP), the Council of Europe organised, on 18 May in Tunis, a training session on data processing mapping for more than a hundred Tunisian DPOs from, among others, administrations, ministries, insurance companies, banks, hospitals and clinics...

Mapping is the essential step in the creation of the data processing register, required by the Tunisian National Data Protection Authority (INPDP). It is therefore crucial that this technique be mastered.

This seminar was an answer to a pressing request from Tunisian administrations and companies, showing a genuine wish to comply to data protection standards.  This can only be welcome.

The seminar was fully recorded and a video will soon be posted on the INPD web site, together with reference documents, to be used as training tool for all those who could not take part and will wish to acquire the knowledge thus taught.

This activity is part of the support provided to the INPDP in its efforts to raise awareness and strengthen the capacities of the Tunisian administrative and industrial sector in terms of personal data protection. It is indeed essential that Tunisian society as a whole raises its level of protection, especially in view of the ever-increasing international exchanges.  The conference was organised within the framework of the joint programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe entitled "Project to support independent bodies in Tunisia (PAII-T)", co-financed by these two organisations and implemented by the Council of Europe.