28 January 2021: 40th anniversary of Convention 108 &15th Data Protection Day 

This year, 28 January is a very special day, not only for the Council of Europe, but for the entire global Data Protection community, and above all, for each and every individual protected by this essential right.
This year, 28 January is the 40th Anniversary of Convention 108, which was open for signature on 28 January 1981. It is also the 15th edition of Data Protection Day.
For 40 years, Convention 108 has influenced and shaped the protection of privacy and of data protection in Europe and beyond. Its modernised version (known as Convention 108+) will continue to do so.

A number of events have marked this special occasion:

Happy 40th Anniversary Convention 108!

Secretary General of the Council of Europe on 40th Anniversary of Convention 108

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