The project aims to protect the human rights of prisoners and probationers by improving the quality of the access, provision and organisation of mental health and substance use-related services, as well as other relevant therapeutic and rehabilitation activities.

The project will assist national authorities in further developing appropriate policies and strengthening capacities to ensure equivalence and continuity of healthcare for offenders, in line with Council of Europe standards and best practices. Updated standards and guidance will include gender-sensitive, non-discriminatory, patient-oriented and evidence-based strategies.


  • Strengthened policy, regulatory and strategic frameworks for the provision and organisation of mental health care services;
  • Improved tools and methodologies for national human rights bodies who monitor the quality of the provision of mental healthcare provision in penitentiary and probation systems;
  • Increased capacity and skills of the management, operational and medical staff of penitentiary and probation systems, as well as the independent monitoring staff.


A combination of needs assessments, expert advice, round tables, working groups and experts’ meetings, and tailor-made training courses will serve to achieve the goal of the project.

The project team works closely with partners, i.e. the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the Public Defender's Office/National Preventive Mechanism and relevant civil society organisations. The project facilitates dialogue between relevant stakeholders to ensure a joint national approach to managing mental healthcare and well-being of offenders. It will support the creation of a multi-disciplinary and holistic methods which consider all situations of vulnerability such as those concerning women, juveniles, persons with disabilities, people who use drugs and LGTBQI people.

The Project is part of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia (2020-2023) and its total budget is 600 000 Euros.

The project started on 1st of April 2022 and runs until the end of December 2023.

The project builds on the achievements of the European Union - Council of Europe joint project “Human Rights and Healthcare in Prisons and Other Closed Institutions in Georgia” (2010-2017), and the previous projects funded by voluntary contributions, namely: the projects on “Improving Mental Health Care of Persons Detained in Georgia” (2018-2019) and “Enhancement of Human Rights and Health-Care Support to Penitentiary System” (2019-2022).

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Training on Opioid Agonist Treatment in Prisons in Georgia

15 November 2022 Georgia

Over 75 members of penitentiary system personnel (doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, regime and security staff) have increased their awareness about long-term Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) through the series of one-day seminars organised by the Council of Europe in the period 9-13...

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CoE continues to support Georgian authorities in improving treatment of persons in detention

17 October 2022 Georgia

The Council of Europe continues to provide support to Georgian national authorities in improving treatment of persons in detention and enhancing compliance of policing with the human rights standards. Steering Committee (SC) meetings of two Council of Europe projects “Human Rights Compliant...

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MoJ and penitentiary staff in Georgia raised their awareness on how to prevent professional burnout

29 September 2022 Georgia

From 26 to 29 September 2022, two training sessions took place on preventing and addressing professional burnout for penitentiary staff and the representatives of the Vocational Education and Training Centre for Inmates (VETCI). The training sessions were attended by 40 members of the...

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