Achievements and prospects for regional planning in Europe

London, United Kingdom, 21-22 October 1980

The ministers responsible for regional/spatial planning expressed the view that European co-operation on regional/spatial planning had intensified in the previous ten years, enabling a better understanding to be developed between participating countries. They noted that the final resolutions adopted at their four previous sessions had laid down certain guidelines for a European approach to regional/spatial planning and had made a significant contribution to North–South dialogue on balanced development in Europe. It was decided that the conference should move into a second phase of work in order to put into practice the major principles set down. It therefore decided:

  • to study the impact of the major problems that would arise for regional/spatial planning in Europe in the years ahead, and therefore to prepare a medium-term reference programme for future work;
  • to consider the possibility of preparing a European Regional Planning Strategy;
  • to intensify relations with the European Communities and the intergovernmental organisations concerned.

The conference discussed the draft charter, deferring possible adoption of the final version to its subsequent session.


 Adopted Resolutions