The Project “Strengthening the prison and probation reforms, provision of health care and treatment of patients in closed institutions in the Republic of Moldova” is funded through and is in line with the strategic priorities for co-operation as formulated in the Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova for 2021-2024.

Strengthening the justice sector remains one of the major priorities of the Republic of Moldova, as underlined in the Plan of Actions of the Government of the Republic of Moldova for 2020-2023, but also emphasized in the draft National Development Strategy “Moldova-2030” and the draft Strategy on ensuring the independence and integrity of the justice sector for the years 2021-2024. These strategic documents continue previous efforts towards increasing the independence, impartiality and quality of justice, as well as increasing the professionalism of legal professionals and ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the whole sector.

The justification to further support the strengthening of the criminal justice field in the Republic of Moldova is based on the findings and recommendations of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), as well as by judgements of the European Court of Human Rights issued in respect to the Republic of Moldova. The last CPT report following a very recent visit to the country on 28 January – 7 February 2020 highlighted that there is still an important number of issues and measures to be taken without any delay: such as inter alia inter-prisoner violence, informal hierarchies in prison, low prison staffing levels, lack of adequate health care services and lack of treatment programmes and information on safeguards for patients in psychiatric institutions.

The Project builds on the achievements of the previous Council of Europe Action Plans for the Republic of Moldova, notably, results of the projects implemented between 2015 and 2020, namely, the Programme “Promoting a human rights compliant criminal justice system in the Republic of Moldova” (01 March 2018 – 28 February 2021) and the Project “Support of the Criminal Justice Reforms in the Republic of Moldova” (2015 – 2018). The Project is also focused on further consolidating the achievements of the Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (NORLAM) activities in country completed in June 2017.

Duration: 36 months (1 March 2021 – 29 February 2024)

 What do we aim to achieve

 Who are our national partners?

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the National Probation Inspectorate, the National Administration of Penitentiaries, the Ministry of Health, and the Centre of Forensic Medicine.

 Who benefits from the project?

Prison staff (managers and front-line staff), medical doctors and non-medical staff working in prison, probation staff, probation counsellors, medical and non-medical staff working in psychiatric institutions. The final beneficiaries are the users of the justice system: prisoners, offenders, patients in psychiatric institutions (including forensic patients) and ultimately the general population of the Republic of Moldova.  

Project team Project team

Violeta FRUNZE

Senior Project Officer

Council of Europe Office in Chisinau

Violeta.FRUNZE [at]



Project Officer

Council of Europe Office in Chisinau

Stanislav.PAVLOVSCHI [at]



Project Assistant

Council of Europe Office in Chisinau


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