Welcome to the Council of Europe Office in Chisinau monthly Newsletter! Welcome to the Council of Europe Office in Chisinau monthly Newsletter!

Dear partners and colleagues,

We are delighted to welcome you to our newsletter.

For the last eight months, all of us had to adjust to the unprecedented situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to rethink our communication and working methods to maintain close relations with our partners and ensure the closest-to-normal implementation of our programmes. The main objective of this newsletter is to share with you the achievements of our cooperation and the lessons learnt during this period.

Justice reform remained a key priority. Our Human Rights-compliant criminal justice programme continued its legal expertise and training activities, procured essential medical equipment to 16 primary healthcare units in detention facilities and the prison hospital. We continued our involvement in the fight against corruption, thanks to a new programme launched in June, following the completion of the Controlling Corruption through Law Enforcement and Prevention (CLEP) programme in May. Our Education Programme responded quickly to the new online environment by training about 1200 teachers from gymnasiums, lyceums and vocational schools on the new education for society module. The pioneer Council of Europe HELP e-learning platform proved an essential tool to provide human rights courses and anti-discrimination courses to judges, prosecutors and lawyers. These are only a few examples illustrating how our programmes, thanks to the support and the understanding of all our donors adjusted and met the new challenges.

2020 was a special year to the Council of Europe in Moldova. On 13 July 2020, the Republic of Moldova celebrated 25 years of membership in the Council of Europe. Thanks to the support of the Moldovan authorities and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, we could duly celebrate the occasion. The video messages of personalities and partners on our dedicated page recalled the importance of the cooperation established with the Republic of Moldova since its accession.

One additional outcome of the period was our increased presence and visibility on social media through our Facebook page, our YouTube. We hope that it will enable you to follow us more regularly, until we can resume more regular direct interaction.

Kind regards,


Head of Office