Back Publication of the “So this is sexual abuse?” booklet, laid out in eight languages

Publication of the “So this is sexual abuse?” booklet, laid out in eight languages

Within the scope of the Council of Europe Project to “End Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse@Europe” a child-friendly version of the Lanzarote Convention, titled “So this is sexual abuse?” has been produced in partnership with children, facilitated by Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation.  

The booklet covers the topics of sexuality and sexual abuse, using several scenarios adapted to children and teenagers. The main message of the booklet is that children and teenagers are not alone if they have questions, or if they need advice. They should reach out to persons they trust, including parents, family members, peers, teachers, psychologists, chats, helplines for children and lawyers, who can assist during the investigation and prosecution of an online sexual offense.

The publication also provides an overview of the main tenets of the Lanzarote Convention, using a terminology adapted to children and teenagers.

This awareness-raising material for children and teenagers was initially created in English and Hungarian, then translated in the ten languages of the EndOCSEA project, in view of being disseminated in the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Currently, the laid-out booklet is available in eight languages: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Georgian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Turkish and Ukrainian. The versions of the booklet in Albanian and Moldovan/Romanian are upcoming.


The Council of Europe gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided for this programme by the Fund to End Violence Against Children.

“So this is sexual abuse?”  booklet:

English; Hungarian; Armenian;  AzerbaijaniBosnianGeorgianMontenegrinSerbianTurkishUkrainian

Strasbourg 9 July 2020
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