Aged 3-7 years old: The Underwear Rule materials

"Kiko and the Hand" helps children understand that their bodies belongs to them, that there are good and bad secrets and good and bad touches.

"Kiko and the Manymes" teaches children “the golden rules of screens”, a basic set of rules, to empower children to protect their privacy and their image in the digital environment.

Aged 9-13 years old: "Tell someone you trust"

This video offers children the possibility to understand through one girl’s story, what sexual violence is and how children can be protected from it.
A booklet comes with the video to help children better understand the video’s key messages.


 Aged 12 years old and above: "So, this is sexual abuse?"

This leaflet and explanatory video explore through stories of several young people some of the ways in which sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children can occur today. They provide useful advice and information to children on where to seek support to deal with questions they might have about certain behaviours, their right to say no or what to do when sexually explicit pictures or images are shared online.


Aged 14 and above: “The Lake”

The short film is a part of the ONE in FIVE Campaign. The video illustrates the psychological pressure that family abusers can apply on their victims, and it aims at encouraging victims of sexual abuse to break the silence and speak out.