Virtual meeting, 7-10 March 2022

1. Opening of the meeting

1.1. Adoption of the list of decisions of the 35th meeting

1.2. Adoption of the agenda of the 36th meeting

1.3. Up-date on ratifications of/accessions to the Lanzarote Convention

2. Monitoring of the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention

Evaluation procedure

2.1. “The protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse facilitated by information and communication technologies (ICTs): addressing the challenges raised by child self-generated sexual images and/or videos”

2.1.1. Review of the last section of the legal frameworks chapter of the 2nd monitoring round draft implementation report (document T-ES(2022)02, see paras 86-109) on “Sexual extortion of children involving self-generated sexual images and/or videos”

2.1.2. Consideration of any last amendments to the draft implementation report submitted by 17 February 2022

2.1.3. Adoption of the 2nd monitoring round implementation report

Compliance procedure

2.2. “Protecting children affected by the refugee crisis from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse”: compliance procedure concerning the Lanzarote Committee’s special report

2.2.1. Consideration of the following draft compliance reports in view of their adoption:

  • R7 on mechanisms for data collection (document T-ES(2021)25)
  • R11 on protection to child victims (document T-ES(2021)27)
  • R13 on coordination and collaboration of different actors (document T-ES(2021)23)
  • R31 on child-friendly proceedings (document T-ES(2021)28)
  • R37 on a coordinated approach between responsible agencies (document T-ES(2021)24)

3. Exchange of information, experiences and good practices

3.1. Up-date on the forthcoming High-level Launching Conference for the new Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2022-2027) “Beyond the horizon: a new era for the rights of the child” (Rome, 7-8 April 2022)

3.2. Debriefings by Lanzarote Committee members having participated in meetings of Council of Europe bodies on the Lanzarote Committee’s behalf:

  • Steering Committee for the rights of the child (CDENF) and its subordinate bodies
  • Other bodies

3.3. Participation of Lanzarote Committee representatives in outside events

3.4. Presentation of the #ReDirection project of Protect Children Finland

3.5. Presentation of the ECPAT and WeProtect report “Child sexual exploitation and abuse online: Survivors’ Perspectives

3.6. Information about the Survivors’ call on German Chancellor Scholz & G7 Heads of State and Government to lead action to end childhood sexual violence

4. Council of Europe cooperation projects on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

4.1. Up-date concerning on-going projects’ development

4.2. Information about up-coming projects

4.3. State of play concerning the Voluntary Contribution dedicated to the “Lanzarote Convention monitoring mechanism project”

5. Procedural matters

5.1. Continued consideration of suggested amendments to the Committee’s Rules of Procedure (document T-ES(2021)35 rev.)

5.2. Exchange of views on the suggestions put forward by civil society organisations to strengthen cooperation with the Lanzarote Committee as put forward in their report on “The Implementation of the Lanzarote Convention and Engagement with the Lanzarote Committee: Civil society perspective”

5.3. Information on the preparation of pilot Country profiles, presentation of a template and exchange of views on the way forward

5.4. Adoption of the list of decisions of this meeting

6. Any other business

Dates of the next meetings

  • 37th meeting, 26-30 September 2022 (exact dates and format of the meeting tbc)
  • 38th meeting, 29 November - 2 December 2022 (Strasbourg/hybrid)


 List of decisions

 Report of the 36th meeting