Project title
Strengthening the Judiciary Reform Process in Serbia
Project duration
16 months (1 September 2019 to  31 December 2020)
project budget

The Council of Europe is implementing the project “Strengthening the Judiciary Reform Process in Serbia” funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Budget: EUR 212,778.00.

Beneficiaries/Partners: Ministry of Justice, the High Judicial Council, the State Prosecutorial Council, the Judicial Academy, the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, the Judges’ Association of Serbia, and the Prosecutors’ Association of Serbia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany
Project aims
  1. Facilitating creation of the drivers of change among the Serbian judiciary and engaging them as critical stakeholders for promoting judicial independence, impartiality and integrity.
  2. Enabling judges and prosecutors, the Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils to further the reform process by well-informed and evidence based policy-making.
  3. Supporting translation of the international and Council of Europe standards best practices of member states into national policies and operational measures.
  4. Assisting in establishing a constructive dialogue among the judiciary, legislative and executive, as well as non-state organisations and professional organisations in preparation for the post-Constitutional reform process and changes foreseen.
Expected results
Activities implemented in co-operation with the beneficiaries will contribute to strengthening the judicial reform process in the Republic of Serbia and to improving the public confidence in the judicial system.

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