Duration: 25 months, 1November 2019 - 30 November 2021.


EUR 1,220,000.

Project partners

Courts of General Jurisdiction; High Council of Justice; Independent Inspector; High School of Justice; Constitutional Court; Georgian Bar Association.

Key issues to be addressed
  • Implementation of the “4th wave” legislative package achievements;
  • Enhanced court efficiency through CEPEJ tools and direct involvement;
  • Update of the Constitutional Court’s law and internal regulations.
Overall objective

Increase the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the Judiciary and the Bar Association, improve legislative safeguards, support governance practices and training opportunities, and improve case management procedures and management practices within the judiciary.

Project objectives

1.  Enhance accountability of the judicial system and professionalism of lawyers

  • Improvement of the reasoning of judicial appointments and the creation of effective appeal mechanism.
  • Development of effective judicial evaluation mechanism, alongside with the merit-based promotion system.
  • Modification of initial training program at the High School of Justice.
  • Capacity building of the Independent Inspector in order to provide well-reasoned referrals to the High Council of Justice.
  • Quality initial and continuous training programme support at the Bar.

2.  Strengthen efficiency and quality of the judicial system (CEPEJ)

  • Development of an effective, reliable and user-friendly electronic case management.
  • Improvement of court performance and overall efficiency and quality of the justice (including ICT tools and backlog reduction) system.
  • Support of the implementation of the IT strategy and AP of the judiciary.
  • Trainings for judges and non-judge staff.

3.  Optimise legal and institutional framework of the Constitutional Court

  • Revision of legislative framework on the Rules and Procedures of the Constitutional Court to ensure more efficient and effective functioning of the Court.
  • Enhancement of analytical skills of the Constitutional Court staff.
  • Improvement of the Constitutional Court’s public outreach.
  • Enhancement of the public awareness on the functioning of the Constitutional Court.
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