Group of Specialists on remedies for crime victims (CJ-S-VICT)

The Council of Europe has over the years produced a wealth of legal instruments and texts relating to victims.

Two Groups of Specialists worked, in the latest years, in the field of victims. One of them was the Group of Specialists on remedies for crime victims (CJ-S-VICT).

CJ-S-VICT was set up, under the authority of CDCJ, as a direct result of Resolution on “Victims of Crime” adopted by the Ministers of Justice of the Council of Europe at their 27th Conference (Yerevan, Armenia, 12-13 October 2006).

Over its three meetings held in 2007(21-22 May; 17-20 September and 5-7 November 2007), the CJ-S-VICT analysed legislation and practices of member states concerning civil, administrative and other remedies available to victims of crime and identified good practices. It also examined the issue of compensation of damage inflicted on victims of terrorism offences, in particular the functioning of public and private insurance schemes.

At the end, the Group produced a report on non-criminal remedies for crime victims which was fully endorsed by the CDCJ and published in 2009.  The report contains a list of recommendations and conclusions destined to be taken into consideration by member states.