The Project “Support to the implementation of the judicial reform in Georgia” aims to contribute to ensuring an independent, impartial and trusted judiciary, improved conduct of court hearings, and improved commercial arbitration in line with the Council of Europe standards and recommendations and Georgia’s commitments towards the Council of Europe.

The Project is funded by voluntary contributions of Member States to support the implementation of the Council of Europe Action plan for Georgia 2016-2019.

The Project was launched on 1 March 2017 for a duration of 34 months.

  • Specific objective 1: Legislative, regulatory and institutional frameworks and practices on appointment, transfer, evaluation and promotion within the judiciary are compliant with Council of Europe standards, and the institutional capacity of the High Council of Justice of Georgia (HCoJ) is enhanced.
  • Specific objective 2: The court administration system is consolidated, and enhanced management practices are put in place for an effective delivery of judicial services. The communication and collaboration within the judiciary and with other branches of power, and the public are improved to better serve the needs of those who interact with it.
  • Specific objective 3: The role of the Bar Association in contributing to the fairness and integrity of court proceedings and to the respect owed to the authority of the judge/judicial institution in these proceedings is strengthened.
  • Specific objective 4: Commercial arbitration in Georgia is strengthened.

National partners:

  • High Council of Justice of Georgia
  • Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Ministry of Justice of Georgia
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Georgia: Support to the Judicial Reform in Georgia

Annual International Conference of Advocates - What ethical constraints apply to advocates on social media and how to facilitate dialogue with judges

8 November 2019 Tbilisi, Georgia

The annual International Conference of Advocates took place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 8 November 2019. This year, the Conference also coincided with the centennial celebration of the profession of lawyers in Georgia. The Conference brought together Bar Presidents and advocates from more than 20...

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Georgia: Support to the Judicial Reform

Study: Why women judges are underrepresented in the management of the common courts in Georgia

23 October 2019 Georgia

On 23 October the Council of Europe presented the results of its study on “The main factors contributing to the underrepresentation of women judges in the management of the common courts in Georgia”. The study was conducted by the “Applied Research Company” and used both quantitative and...

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Georgia: Support to the Judicial Reform

Press Release: Presentation of first of its kind study conducted in Georgia

9 October 2019 Strasbourg

On 9 October the Council of Europe presented the main findings and recommendations of the first of its kind of study implemented in Georgia on accessibility to court buildings for persons with disabilities gathering representatives of the judiciary, government, Tbilisi mayors’ office, civil...

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