Equity in healthcare

Developing a Guide to health literacy - Contributing to trust building and Equitable access to healthcare

It has been well documented that older persons experience difficulties in exercising their right to access health care services but this is a concern which applies to a broader scope of “persons in vulnerable situations” and therefore potentially anybody not necessarily belonging to an identified group nor being a patient.

This has become even more challenging as a result of the emergence of innovative treatments and new healthcare technologies that are very expensive and may require specific knowledge and skills to obtain. At the same time, established practices in healthcare have become more patient-centred and attentive to human rights, in a way that increasingly recognises the rights and decision-making capacity of persons in vulnerable situations. To this end, it is essential that they understand health information and know what healthcare services are available and how best to access them. In response to this need, the Steering Committee for Human Rights in the fields of Biomedicine and Health intends to prepare a Guide to health literacy for equitable access to healthcare to empower people to be more effective advocates in accessing healthcare services and in making appropriate decisions regarding their health.

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Ongoing work Ongoing work

Prepare the guide to health literacy for equitable access to healthcare.

  • November 2022 :
    Approval of the guide by the CDBIO
  • June 2022 :
    Examination of the revised draft guide