The sequencing of the human genome and the development of new technologies such as DNA chips make human genetics and genomics a highly dynamic sector. The very rapid developments in this area have prompted the Council of Europe to focus on the ethical and legal issues raised by applications of genetics and to draw up legal instruments to protect fundamental human rights with respect to these applications. Read more.

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Czech Republic signs the Additional Protocol on Genetic Testing

26 October 2017 Strasbourg

The Protocol sets down principles relating inter alia to the quality of genetic services, prior information and consent and genetic counselling. It lays down general rules on the conduct of genetic tests, and, for the first time at international level, deals with the directly accessible genetic...

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Statement on Genome Editing Technologies

2/12/2015 Strasbourg

The DH-BIO adopted a Statement on Genome Editing Technologies during it's 8th meeting in Strasbourg on 2 December 2015. The scientific community is abuzz with discussion of the new technologies to modify genes such as CrisprCas9. “There is strong support for better understanding of causes of...

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Manufacturing a New Human Species

30/09/2015 Strasbourg

Watch video of the PACE debate "Manufacturing a New Human Species?" Mark Bale, Chair of the Committee on Bioethics (DH-BIO) participated in the debate on the use of genome editing technology (CRISPR-Cas9). The debate was organised by PACE on 30 September 2015 from 14.00 to 15.30. Interview of...

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