This reference portal for the reporting under Resolution No. 8 (2012) contains reference documents related to the information provided in the reporting format for the period 2013-2018.



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Reference material for reports


The reporting format includes several fields with standardised data, which are also mentioned in the Explanatory notes and guidelines. This material is provided below:


Checklists for species and habitats

Checklist for species (including birds) and habitats

Table for reporting on typical species


List of pressures and threats and conservation measures with specific guidance on the use of distinct pressure and measure codes


Biogeographical regions

The boundaries of the biogeographical regions were prepared at a continental scale. If available, Contracting Parties or observer States can use their own boundaries digitised at a higher resolution.


The spatial grids for the habitats and species distribution maps (ETRS 10x10 km grids)

Link for the following countries: Albania / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Iceland / Liechtenstein / Montenegro / North Macedonia / Norway / Serbia / Switzerland / Türkiye

Armenia / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Georgia / Republic of Moldova / Ukraine

Andorra / Holy See / Russian Federation

Guidelines for converting national spatial data into the 10x10 km pan-European projection grid


Code lists

The lists of codes to be used for the structured information in the report formats (reporting tool and xml schemas) are available via EEA Data Dictionaries webpage.

Reporting tools and data specifications


Reporting tool and range tool


Technical documents related to reporting datasets




Good practice examples