the case-file system the case-file system

The case-file system, dating back to 1984, is a unique monitoring tool based on complaints for possible breaches of the Convention that can be submitted by NGOs or even private citizens. The complaints so received are processed by the Secretariat, the Bureau and, when particularly relevant, also by the Standing Committee, according to their merits and on the basis of the information submitted. When the Standing Committee or its Bureau considers that further information is needed, they can arrange for on-the-spot visits by independent experts, who report to the Standing Committee.

The case-file system is also unusual as it is not based on any provisions within the Convention, but stems from decisions taken by the Standing Committee itself and has proven to be a very successful problem solving instrument.

Due to the high volume of complaints received and limited capacity of the Bern Convention Secretariat and Bureau, please take note that there may be a waiting period before the complaint can be processed.

On-line complaint form

Register of Bern Convention Case-Files - T-PVS/Inf(2022)07E

Rules of procedure: Standing Committee, on-the-spot enquiries, mediation - T-PVS/Inf(2013)06E

Reminder on the processing of complaints - T-PVS(2008)07E

 Admissibility of complaints related to species listed in Appendix III : the badger (meles meles) as a model - Guidance for complainants - T-PVS/Files(2014)38E