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  • Report of the 1st annual meeting of the Bureau, 7-8 April 2020 - T-PVS(2020)1
  • Report of the extraordinary meeting of the Bureau, 22 June 2020 - T-PVS(2020)3


Agenda Item 2 - Financing and Strategic Development of the Bern Convention


Agenda Item 3 - Implementation of the Programme of activities and budget for 2020

Agenda Item 3.1 - European Diploma for Protected Areas: state of play of appraisal visits

Agenda Item 3.4 - Setting-up of the Emerald Network: state of play and ongoing activities in 2020

  • Draft Agenda of the Group of Experts on Protected Areas and Ecological Networks - T-PVS/Agenda(2020)8
  • Proposal of sufficiency index - T-PVS/PA(2020)2 uploaded 11 September

Agenda Item 3.6 - Review of the European Plant Conservation Strategy


Agenda Item 4 - 40th Standing Committee meeting

  • Draft Agenda - T-PVS/Agenda(2020)6 updated 4 September
  • Draft Programme of Activities and budget for 2020-2021 - T-PVS(2019)18rev


Agenda Item 7 - Implementation of the Convention: Case-Files


Agenda Item 7.1 - Open files

  • 2004/2: Bulgaria: Wind farms in Balchik and Kaliakra –Via Pontica
  • 2010/5: Greece: threats to marine turtles in Thines Kiparissias
  • 2013/1: North Macedonia: Hydro power development within the territory of Mavrovo National Park
    • Government Report - T-PVS/Files(2020)XX 
    • Complainant Report - T-PVS/Files(2020)XX
    • Draft Terms of Reference -  T-PVS/Files(2020)18
  • 2016/4: Montenegro: Development of a commercial project in Skadar Lake National Park and candidate Emerald site

Agenda Item 7.2 - Possible files

  • 2001/4: Bulgaria: Motorway through the Kresna Gorge
    • Government Report - T-PVS/Files(2020)36 updated 4 September
    • Complainant Report - T-PVS/Files(2020)XX 
    • Draft Terms of Reference -  T-PVS/Files(2020)1

Agenda Item 7.3 - Complaints on stand-by

  • 2014/8: Greece: Presumed large-scale exploitation and marketing of protected marine shelled molluscs
  • 2017/3: Serbia: Possible negative impact of a harbor’s construction on the confluence of the Sava into the Danube
  • 2017/6: Iceland: Possible negative impact on Breiðafjörður Nature Reserve’s authentic birch woods from new road infrastructure
  • 2018/1: Ukraine: Presumed threat to Emerald site “Polonina Borzhava” (UA0000263) from wind energy development

Agenda Item 7.4 - Other complaints 

  • 2018/5: Ukraine: Alleged threats to the Emerald Network sites Skhidnyi Svydovets, Marmaroski ta Chyvchyno-Hryniavski Hory and Carpathian biosphere Reserve
  • 2018/6: Belarus: Presumed threats to Emerald Network sites Olmanskiye bolota (BY0000012) and Topila Bog (BY0000083)
  • 2019/01: Ukraine: Possible negative effects of hydrocarbons extraction in four Emerald sites in Donetsk-Kharkiv region
  • 2020/01: Ukraine: Recognising Horbachykha as a protected area to save it from residential developments
  • 2020/02: Ukraine: Logging threats to the Black Tysa River in Emerald Network site "Marmaroski ta Chyvchyno-Hryniavski Hory" (UA0000117)
  • 2020/03: Ukraine: Presumed threat to Emerald Network site “Bugzkyi Gard National Nature Park” (UA0000040)


Agenda Item 8 - Follow up on previous Recommendations and Case-Files

  • Closed file 2013/5: presumed impact of a construction of overhead power line (ohl) in an environmentally sensitive area in the lithuanian – polish borderland
  • Closed file No. 2011/4: Threat to the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) in Turkey
(Virtual meeting) 15-16 September 2020
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