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Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park (SNP) is a high mountain nature reserve (altitude 1,380 to 3,173 m) situated mainly in the Lower Engadine Dolomites. The SNP, established in 1914, is the first national park of the Alps and belongs to the IUCN-category Ia (wilderness area). That means it is fully protected against human onslaughts: from the day it was established, hunting and fishing have been prohibited and forest exploration and grazing ceased. It shares a border with the Italian Stelvio National Park Stilfser Joch.

The Swiss National Park encompasses a particularly impressive piece of Alpine landscape in the centre of the Alps, with a wealth of flora and fauna. Within its boundaries, nature is left to develop freely; humans remain in the background and are merely witnesses of the evolution that contributes so greatly to the incomparable character of this habitat.

The National Park is well known for its extraordinary variety of alpine animals, such as chamois, ibex, red deer, Alpine marmots and fascinating birds such as golden eagles and bearded vultures. A host of alpine plants provide a colourful sight as visitors make their way through the Park. There is a wide choice of paths, with differing degrees of difficulty.


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