Select Group of Experts on Invasive Alien Species

Rome, Italy 31st March - 1st April 2016
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Reports and reference documents

  • Report of the expert meeting on the implementation of the Action Plan for the Eradiction of ruddy duck in Europe - T-PVS/Inf(2016)01
  • Draft Code of Conduct on Plantation Forestry and Invasive Alien Trees - T-PVS/Inf(2015)01
  • Draft Guidance for governments concerning invasive alien species pathways action plans - T-PVS/Inf(2015)24
  • Draft European Code of Conduct on Recreational Boating and Invasive Alien Species - T-PVS/Inf(2015)19
  • Report of the 11th meeting of the Group of Experts on Invasive Alien Species - T-PVS(2015)10E
  • Draft report on the methods to carry out risk assessments for mammals: An application with Callosciurus finlaysonii and Sylvilagus floridanus - T-PVS/Inf(2015)27
  • Follow-up to complaint n°2012/3 on Possible spread of the American mink in Poland

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