Back Launch of the review on European plant strategy, 2011-2020

Launch of the review on European plant strategy, 2011-2020

The Bern Convention is delighted to announce the launch of "A Review of European progress towards the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation”, an important text analysing the last ten years of efforts towards better flora conservation across Europe, elaborated by the Convention’s esteemed partners, Planta Europa and Plantlife.

Plant conservation can sometimes be overshadowed by the more “marketable” endangered animal species, such as the polar bear, sea turtles, birds, lynx, etc. But plants, though often undervalued, are the vital arteries of our planet, providing us with food, clean air, medicine, clothing, and fuel. What’s more, they serve the critical function of balancing the fragile ecosystems of the planet, allowing millions of species of fellow plants and animals to survive, and thrive. Simply put, without them, there is no living planet.

The Review provides some worrying statistics in plant conservation, but also demonstrates positive actions and best-practices across the continent.

The Bern Convention is proud to be a key partner in this work. Following this Review, it is hoped that a new Strategy for the next decade can be elaborated to guide European policymakers, but also act as a global inspiration.

1 October
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