Call for tenders for consultancy services

photo credit: / Viktoria Kurpas

photo credit: / Viktoria Kurpas

“Spread the word!” - The Bern Convention has launched a call for tenders for the provision of consultancy services within the framework of its programmes of activity.

The Bern Convention is seeking consultants for the following three areas of work:

  1. Contribution to standard setting and cooperation on issues related to the conservation of wild flora and fauna and habitats;
  2. Monitoring the implementation of the Bern Convention;
  3. Education and awareness raising on the need to conserve species of wild flora and fauna and their habitats.

The purpose of this call is to create a pool of international consultants with the relevant background and work experience to support the implementation of activities under the Bern Convention. Selected consultants will be consulted on an as-needed-basis.

Interested candidates are invited to apply. Deadline for tendering is 10 September 2021, applications shall be submitted in English.

Please follow the link for more detailed information on the call, including Q&A concerning tendering procedures: Tenders published outside the e-procurement (