39th Standing Committee meeting

Strasbourg, France 3-6 December 2019
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Last updated on 04/12/2019


T-PVS = Working documents
T-PVS/Files = Follow-up of Recommendations and Complaints
T-PVS/Inf = Information documents
T-PVS/PA = Protected Areas and Ecological Networks
T-PVS/DE = European Diploma of Protected Areas
Other = Other reports for information only



List of decisions and adopted texts


The documents adopted at the Standing Committee meeting can be found here


Agenda Item 1 - Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda


Agenda Item 2 - Chairman's report and communications from the delegations

  • Reports of the Bureau meetings in March and September 2019 - T-PVS(2019)4 and T-PVS(2019)15
  • Report of the 37th Standing Committee meeting - T-PVS(2018)17


Agenda Item 3 - Financing an development of the Bern Convention

3.1 Future financing of the Bern Convention

3.2 Vision for the Bern Convention for the post-2020 decade and contribution to the current global biodiversity framework

  • Bern Convention’s contribution to the achievement of the Aichi targets - T-PVS/Inf(2019)22 uploaded on 25 November
  • Draft Resolution on a vision and a role for the Bern Convention in the decade 2020-2030 - T-PVS(2019)9


Agenda Item 4 - Monitoring of the implementation of the legal aspects of the Convention

4.1 Biennial reports 2015-2016 and 2017 -2018 concerning exceptions made to Articles 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 and quadrennial reports 2013 - 2016

4.1.1 State of play of submissions of reports

4.1.2 Biennial reports by Contracting Parties which are EU Member States: rules and instructions

4.2 Proposal for amendment of the Convention’s Appendices: Proposal for moving the Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis) from Appendix II to Appendix III of the Bern Convention


Agenda Item 5 - Monitoring of species and habitats

5.1 Invasive Alien Species

  • Report of the meeting of the Group of Experts - T-PVS(2019)10 uploaded on 18 November
  • Draft Guidance on e-commerce and IAS - T-PVS/Inf(2019)2
  • Draft Guidance on communication and IAS - T-PVS/Inf(2019)17
  • Draft Recommendation on pollinators and IAS - T-PVS(2019)6
  • Report on alien pathogens and pathogens spread by IAS in Europe - T-PVS/Inf(2019)18 updated on 7 November

5.2 Conservation of large carnivores

  • Conclusions of the Conference on the conservation of the Lynx - T-PVS(2019)7
  • Draft Recommendation on the conservation of the Eurasian Lynx in Europe - T-PVS(2019)12

5.3 Conservation of birds: eradication of illegal killing, trapping and trade of wild birds

  • Report of the Joint Bern/CMS IKB meeting - T-PVS(2019)8
  • Assessment of the 1st national Scoreboard reporting by Parties to the Bern Convention and members of the CMS/MIKT on IKB - T-PVS/Inf(2019)10 updated on 7 November
  • Draft Recommendation on the Rome Strategic Plan on IKB - T-PVS(2019)17
  • Draft Rome Strategic Plan on IKB - T-PVS(2019)03rev 

5.4 Biodiversity and Climate change

  • Report of the joint meeting of the Groups of Experts on Biodiversity and Climate Change and on protected areas - T-PVS(2019)14 uploaded on 18 November
  • Draft Recommendation on nature-based solutions and management of protected areas in the face of climate change - T-PVS(2019)13

5.5 Conservation of habitats

5.5.1 Protected Areas and Ecological Networks

  • Report of the 10th meeting of the GoEPAEN - T-PVS/PA(2019)15  
  • Draft Recommendation on detecting, reporting, assessing and responding to changes in the ecological character of Emerald Network sites - T-PVS/PA(2019)13 
  • Guidance on detecting, reporting, assessing and responding to changes in the ecological character of Emerald Network sites - T-PVS/PA(2018)13 
  • Flowchart of steps to be taken to assess, report and respond to changes in ecological character of Emerald network sites - T-PVS/Inf(2019)3 
  • Mechanism for adding features to Resolutions No. 4 (1996) and No. 6 (1998) - T-PVS/PA(2019)5 
  • Proposal of addition of marine habitats to Resolution No. 4 (1996) - T-PVS/PA(2019)6 
  • Proposal of addition of Alpine and sub-alpine heaths to Resolution No. 4 (1996) - T-PVS/PA(2019)7 
  • Revised annex I to Resolution No. 4 (1996) - T-PVS/PA(2019)19 uploaded on 25 November
  • Proposed revisions to the Interpretation Manual of Habitats - T-PVS/PA(2019)8 
  • Interpretation Manual of the Habitats listed in Resolution No. 4 (1996) - T-PVS/PA(2019)18 updated on 29 November
  • Progress in the enforcement of the Revised calendar for the implementation of the Emerald Network (2011-2020) - T-PVS/PA(2019)12 
  • Draft Recommendation on the progress in the implementation of the Emerald Network - T-PVS/PA(2019)11
  • Draft revised Recommendation on the status of candidate Emerald Network sites and guidelines on the criteria for their adoption - T-PVS/PA(2019)14 uploaded on 7 November
  • Draft list of candidate Emerald Sites - T-PVS/PA(2019)16 uploaded on 25 November
  • Draft list of adopted Emerald Sites - T-PVS/PA(2019)17 uploaded on 25 November

5.5.2 European Diploma for Protected Areas

  • Report of the meeting of the Group of Specialists on the EDPA - T-PVS/DE(2019)13
  • EDPA: List of renewal resolutions adopted by the Committee of Ministers in 2019 - T-PVS/DE(2019)20 uploaded on 25 November
  • Renewal of the European Diploma in 2021: List of areas which could be visited in 2020 - T-PVS/DE(2019)19 uploaded on 12 November

5.6 Reporting under Resolution No. 8 (2012) on the conservation status of species and habitats


Agenda Item 6 - Specific sites and populations

  • Summary of case files and complaints - T-PVS/Notes(2019)1 updated on 28 November
  • Register of Bern Convention’s case-files - T-PVS/Inf(2019)5 updated on 7 November

6.1 Files opened

  • North Macedonia: Hydro power development within the territory of the Mavrovo National Park
    • Draft terms of reference for a Bern Convention advisory mission - T-PVS/Files(2019)50 uploaded on 15 November
    • Government Report - T-PVS/Files(2019)XX
    • Complainant Report - T-PVS/Files(2019)51 uploaded on 21 November
  • Albania: Presumed negative impact of hydro-power plant development on the Vjosa river

6.2 Possible files

  • Norway: Lack of legal protection for Northern goshawk and birds of prey in Norway
  • Montenegro: Development of a commercial project in Skadar Lake National Park and candidate Emerald site

6.3 Follow-up of previous complaints and Recommendations

  • Recommendation No.190 (2016) on the conservation of natural habitats and wildlife, specially birds, in afforestation of lowland in Iceland
    • Government Report - T-PVS/Files(2019)XX
    • Complainant Report - T-PVS/Files(2019)XX
  • Recommendation No. 199 (2018) on the Pan-European Action Plan for the conservation of the sturgeon
    • List of nominated National Focal Points for the Pan-European Action Plan for Sturgeons - T-PVS/Inf(2019)21 uploaded on 7 November


Agenda Item 7 - International coordination with other MEAs and organisations

Agenda Item 8 - Awareness and visibility

Agenda Item 9 - Draft Programme of Activities and budget for 2020-2021

  • Draft Programme of Activities for 2020-2021 - T-PVS(2019)18 uploaded on 7 November
  • Draft Calendar of meetings for 2020 - T-PVS/Inf(2019)20 updated on 12 November

Agenda Item 10 - States to be invited as observers to the 40th meeting

Agenda Item 11 - Election of Chair, Vice-Chair and Bureau members

  • Rules of Procedure: Standing Committee, on-the-spot enquiries, mediation - T-PVS/Inf(2013)6

Agenda Item 12- Date and place of the 40th meeting

Agenda Item 13- Adoption of the main decisions of the meeting

Agenda Item 14- Other business (items for information only)



Meeting slides

Agenda Item 3.1

Agenda Item 3.2

Agenda Item 5.2

Agenda Item 5.3

Agenda Item 5.5.1

Agenda Item 5.5.2

Agenda Item 6.1

Agenda Item 6.2

Agenda Item 6.3

  • Recommendation No. 95 (2002) on the conservation of marine turtles in Kazanli beach (Turkey) - MEDASSET
  • Recommendation No. 9 (1987) on the protection of Caretta Caretta in Laganas bay, Zakynthos (Greece) - MEDASSET


Side event on the conservation of the sturgeon