The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Country:  Slovenia
Event name
: European Day of Civil Justice - Presentation of the procedure of obtaining the strata title for a part of the building
: The Institute for the development of an Inclusive Society (IRVD) - presentations made by the judge, Head of the Department at the Local court in Ljubljana
  24. 10. 2017 from 13:30:00 to 16:00
The Institute for the development of an Inclusive Society (IRVD)
: Presentations, lectures and discussion panels
Mrs Urška Klakočar Zupančič; email:
As the procedure of the acquisition of the strata title of a part of a building on the proposal of the owner and on determining the land belonging thereto involves hundreds of thousands of owners and represents quite a burden for the local courts in the country, the decision was made by the Head of the respective department at the Local court in Ljubljana (the biggest competent court for these cases in the country) to provide the general public with useful information. The judge will be joined in the discussion by two experts (urbanist and land surveyor) and they will explain the procedure with practical examples. The department has prepared new forms to help court users to fill the data in a simpler and easily understandable way. The event will be publicized through the web portal of the judiciary (