Regional NGO congresses

The Conference of INGOs takes an active part in Council of Europe initiatives aimed at strengthening civil society, thus giving a European dimension to regional activities. It initiated a series of regional NGO congresses designed for NGOs from Eastern European countries, which focus on the role of civil society in democracy and facilitate the exchange of experience and the establishment of regional NGO networks. Since 2006 four congresses have been held, the first in Poland in 2006, the second in Ukraine in 2007, the third in Russia in 2008 and the fourth in Lithuania in 2010.


Warsaw Regional NGO Congress, 24-26 March 2006
Conclusions and Recommendation
Resolution on Belarus
Kyiv Regional NGO Congress, 25-27 November 2007
The Penza Regional NGO Congress, 5-7 December 2008 which addressed questions such as a code of good practice for civil participation, NGO legislation and its implementation, the role of NGOs in intercultural dialogue and the relations between media and civil society.
Vilnius Regional NGO Congress, 10-12 June 2010, the main theme of which was “The Role of NGOs in a Pluralist Democracy”.