Participatory status

How to apply

Participatory status is granted by the Council of Europe to international NGOs which are particularly representative at European level, that is to say which federate national member organisations in several of the 47 member states, and in the fields of their competence.

In addition, they should be capable of supporting the achievement of that closer unity mentioned in Article 1 of the Statute by contributing to Council of Europe activities and by making known the work of the Council of Europe among the European public.

Applications for participatory status must be submitted on the official form and must be accompanied by a file in French or English, and preferably in both of these official languages of the Council of Europe. The file must contain the INGO's statute; a list of member organisations containing the name in the national language with a French or English translation as well as the approximate number of members of each of these national organisations; a report on its recent activities; and a declaration to the effect that it accepts the principles set out in the preamble and in Article 1 of the Statute of the Council of Europe.

Participatory status is granted once a year in December. As the procedure for the examination of applications takes several months, applications should be submitted by March in order to obtain the status in December of the same year.

Before applying please read carefully Resolution (2003)8. We receive a lot of applications from NGOs that are not eligible for the status as they are national NGOs or NGOs that are present in the world but not in Europe. Participatory status is for international NGOs that are present in several European countries.

Please note the next deadline for applications isend March 2015

Application Form
Article 1 of the Statute of the Council of Europe