INGO-Service was set up to receive voluntary financial contributions from INGOs with a view to financing certain INGO activities. INGO-Service acts on behalf of the Conference of INGOs in accordance with Article 3.2.9 of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of INGOs adopted on 24 January 2013. Article 3.2.9 is set out below:

"It (the Standing Committee) co-ordinates work on administrative and financial questions affecting the Conference of INGOs and its Committees, in consultation with the “INGO-Service”, which is the Conference’s internal financial management structure".

In January 2012, the Board (Administrative Council) of INGO-Service elected its bureau with Michel Muller, President, Marichu Rall, Vice-president, Marie-José Schmitt, treasurer.

Contact: Michel Muller, President

Documents :


  • Extraordinary General Assembly of INGO-Service: Thursday 26 June, 12h15-13h, Agora, room G03: convocation new
  • Draft Revised Statutes of INGO Service new
  • Your INGO would like to pay the 2014 subscription: click here for the subscription form
  • Meeting of the Administrative Council, Tuesday 28 January, 18h-19h, Agora, room G03: Agenda
  • Meeting of the General Assembly, Wednesday 29 January, 14h-15h, Agora, room G01: Agenda
  • 2013

  • List of INGOs that paid the 2013 subscription
  • Meeting of the Administrative Council, Wednesday 26 June, 8h30 - 9h15, Agora, room G03: Agenda
  • 2012

  • List of INGOs that paid the 2012 subscription
  • Agenda of the General Assembly of 27 January 2012
  • Statutes of INGO Service: These texts will be revised and presented to the INGO-Service General Assembly in January 2012
  • 2011

  • Report of the General Assembly of 21 June 2011