Non-Governmental Organisations

Information of the working groups of the Education and Culture Committee

The following five working groups have been proposed and validated by the Standing Committee.

Each group will take contact with the other committees working on the same topics in order to coordinate our works.

Teachers’ profession in the 21st century
Person in charge: Heleen Jansen

A questionnaire intended for teachers has been developed. It aims to analyse their new needs in training in order to face the challenges of the 21st century. This questionnaire will be sent by Heleen Janson to all members of the Education and Culture Committee who are requested to distribute it within their NGO and to a maximum of teachers.

Access to the digital media for all
Person in charge: Harry Rogge

    In the actual context of  all media , why and how to spark off an education of digital media for all, for all ages, for all social and professional environment? Can we avoid “digital discrimination”? Can we ensure for everyone the use of media and participation in the digital life?

This group will contact the group “Education for democratic citizenship and human rights in the area of digital media” for which Gabriel Nissim is in charge.

Learning history : becoming a democratic European citizen
Person in charge: Yosanne Vella

Can the learning of History bring young people to become active European citizens?
There will be co-operation with the History Teaching Division of the Council of Europe.

Think Tank : Education 21
Person in charge: Sabine Rohmann

    In the context of the deep changes in today’s Europe and the World, what are the evolutions in education? What are the priorities of the Council of Europe in this area? How to match these priorities with the actions on the ground?

    Sabine Rohmann invites Committee members to join the work as soon as the process of the official setting-up of the “think tank” is be finished. She will inform Committee members on the results of the current work. There is a strong co-operation with the Pestalozzi program and the former DGIV. This co-operation will continue with the people who are in charge of the questions of education at the Council of Europe in the framework of the reform.

    Culture and arts

    Sabine Rohmann invites the INGOs to submit proposals of topics in the area of culture to promote the  living together  and the mutual undertanding. Deadline of proposals : 15 September 2011.

Existing group

Religions and human rights
Person in charge: James Barnett

    The group is preparing the final report. Conceptual elements of the content are the distinction between the religion and religions, the complexity of religions, religious ideas. It includes proposal of training for teachers of religion.

    This report was finalised in June 2014.