Non-Governmental Organisations

Working Group on Human Rights Defenders within the Human Rights Committee of the INGO Conference


    1) Promoting human rights standards, related to the work of human rights defenders

- promoting existing standards (Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers, UN Declaration on HRDs, EU Guidelines,) and good practices;
- improving existing mechanisms on defense of human rights defenders (CoE HR Commissioner, ECRI, UN Special Rapporteur, OSCE Focal point, etc.);
- developing new standards related to activities in defense of human rights;

    2) Promoting the importance of actions in defense of human rights, improving the public image of human rights defense

The group intends to support the work of the INGO Conference and its HR Committee in this field with:

    - CoE member states;
    - Council of Europe bodies;
    - other European and international NGOs and institutions working in this field.

    3) Reaction on cases of pressure directed at human rights defenders

- prepared for the Committee and the Conference.

The group is open to INGO Conference members, willing to work on the topic. It may also work with experts of other NGOs. The work of the group should be permanent, with most of the communication done through an electronic mailing list.

Coordinators of the group:
Andrey Yurov, International Youth Human Rights Movement
Gérard Greneron, CESP, Vice-chair of the INGO Conference Human Rights Committee;
Dmitri Makarov, International Youth Human Rights Movement