Non-Governmental Organisations


Strasbourg, 25 April 2012


The Standing Committee:

1. Opening of the meeting by Jean-Marie Heydt, President of the Conference of INGOs, and appointment of Veysel Filiz as rapporteur

2. Adopted the agenda, inverting the order of discussion of items 7 and 5 [CONF/SC(2012)OJ3]

3. Adopted the synopses of the meetings in January 2012 [CONF/SC(2012)SYN1 and CONF/SC(2012)SYN2]

4. Information from the President, Mr Heydt and overview of activities since the last Standing Committee meeting

    - Conclusion reached in the preparation of the Toolkit for Intercultural Dialogue which was at the stage of re-reading and finalisation – Jean-Marie Heydt, Christophe Spreng
    - Anticipation of the Albanian Chairmanship with possibilities of Conference involvement, particularly for activities following up the Report of the Eminent Persons on living together and concerning the presentation of the Toolkit – Jean-Marie Heydt
    - Award of the North-South Prize to the President of FIDDH, a member INGO – Jean-Marie Heydt
    - Conference on the reform of the European Court of Human Rights addressing in particular issues of subsidiarity and states’ margin of appreciation, and opposition to these measures of the Conference – Brighton, 18-20 April 2012 – Jean-Marie Heydt
    - Participation in the meeting of the Advisory Council on Youth – Budapest, 29 and 30 March 2012 - Israël Mensah
    - Participation in the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights – Vienna, 19 and 20 April 2012 – Taras Poljanec

5. Information on the organisation and running of the Bureau

    Role of the Bureau and linkage with the Standing Committee. Priority concerns entering into the ongoing work to monitor its evolution:

      - The question of communication. Effectiveness and pragmatism by working with transparency and in a relationship of trust. Person responsible: Sophie Dimitroulias.
      - Living Together and Intercultural Dialogue together with European Year of Citizens in 2013. In charge: Alain Mouchoux.
      - Questions relating to the Mediterranean rim: Sophie Dimitroulias.
      - World Forum for Democracy – Preparatory work carried out by: Jean-Marie Heydt, Veysel Filiz, Karin Nordmeyer
      - Concerning thematic advisers, there were no designations for the Committees, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress.
      - The working groups would be under the control of the committees to which they were attached. A 2003 document would serve as a modus operandi.
      - Discussions about the use of new technologies in the Bureau’s work.
      - Proposal by Daniel Zielinski for a project concerning Marseille 2013 (Cultural Capital) with Elisan and the Conference, dealing with Roma, living together and citizenship.
      - Discussions on the question of the responsibility of the Presidency and of the Bureau for clarity in its running.

6. Rules of Procedure of the Conference of INGOs by Rémy Berthier:

    - Projected reform of the Conference and grooming of the Rules of Procedure.
    - Discussions on the naming of the Gender Equality Expert. Proposal to be made by e mail and discussions to be continued.
    - Discussions concerning several points of reform to be finalised by January 2013. Rémy Berthier and Maritchu Rall would be responsible for a roundup of the different viewpoints.