Non-Governmental Organisations


    Strasbourg, 8 June 2012

    of the meeting to be held on 26 June 2012
    from 9:30 to 13:00
    Room G03, Agora

    1. Opening of the meeting and adoption of the draft agenda
    2. Approval of the draft synopsis of the meeting held on 26 January 2012
    3. Council of Europe bodies’ 2012 Commitments on Democracy

      Introduction by Anne-Marie CHAVANON, Chair
      Interventions by

        - Representative of the Parliamentary Assembly
        - Keith WHITMORE, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
        - Alfonso ZARDI, Head of the Democracy, Institutions Building and Governance Department
        - Jean-Marie HEYDT, President of the Conference of INGOs

      Discussion: Towards an agenda in common?

    4. Charter on Democracy project by Giuseppe GUARNERI, Head of the ad hoc Working Group
    5. Committee’s contributions to the World Forum for Democracy and the European Democracy Week
    6. Other Major 2012 Global Issues

        6.1 UNCSD - RIO + 20 - Three viewpoints : Cyril RITCHIE, President of the Conference of UN-NGOs, Maguelonne DEJEANT-PONS, Head of the Heritage, Landscape and technical Assistance Division of the Council of Europe and Anne-Marie CHAVANON, Delegate from the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) – Committee’s Contribution (link to website)
        6.2 UNFCCC - DOHA climate change conference – Qatar (26 November –
        7 December 2012) – Joint work proposition from the parliamentary Assembly)


    7. Gender equality : a condition for success of the Arab Spring

        7.1 Introduction by a speaker from the MENA region
        7.2 Draft resolution and recommendation by Anje WIERSINGA, Head of the Working group on "Including Gender perspectives in political and democratic processes, in particular during and after conflicts

    8. Point on the Committee’s working groups activity

        - Climate Change and Human Rights (Edith WENGER) link
        - European Citizenship (Hélène DUQUIN) link
        - Health Risks and Mobility, a Global Challenge (Thierry MATHIEU)
        - Housing and Health (Bernard AUBERT) link
        - Landscape, a social Cohesion Tool at Threat (Gerhard ERMISCHER) link
        - Migrations and democracy: situation, problems and provided examples of answers (Jean-Claude GONON) link
        - Relations with EU Bodies of Civil Society (Claude-Laurent GENTY) link
        - Social and political evolutions in Southern Mediterranian Countries (JP ESTIVAL) link
        - Women's participation in political and democratic processes particularly dealing with  conflicts (Anje WIERSINGA) link

    9. Representations or the Committee and/or the Conference of INGOs

        - European Committee on Local and Regional Democracy (CDLR) - 2-3 April 2012 - Anne-Marie Chavanon
        - Bern Convention, 24 – 26 April 2012 -:Strasbourg - Edith WENGER (BEE)
        - European Steering Committee for Youth and Advisory Council on Youth, March 2012 - Israel MENSAH
        - Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP): 15 – 16 May 2012 - Patrice COLLIGNON (RED), Gerhardt ERMISCHER (CIVILSCAPE)
        - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) – Hearing of Anne-Marie CHAVANON and Antonella VALMORBIDA (ALDA)
        - Sub Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – 23 May 2012 - Paris – Hearing of Anne-Marie CHAVANON on the Committee’s contributions to Rio and Doha Summits
        - International Observatory on participatory democracy (OIDP) – 12 Jun 2012 - Porto Alegre (Brazil) – Participation in a round table - Anne-Marie CHAVANON
        - UNCSD - RIO de Janeiro 11-23 June 2012, Cyril RITCHIE, Anne-Marie CHAVANON

    10. Forthcoming activities and appointments
    11. INGOs Service, A financial tool of the INGOs to support our common activities, Marie-José Schmitt, treasurer
    12. Future meetings