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Strasbourg, 25 June 2009

HELD ON 24 JUNE 2009

    The Sustainable Territorial Development Committee of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe, meeting at the Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg, on 24 June 2009, with Anne-Marie Chavanon in the Chair:

    1. Adoption of the agenda [CONF/TER(2009)OJ3]

      adopted the agenda as it stood.

    2. Approval of the synopsis of the meeting held on 28 April 2009 [CONF/TER(2009)SYN2]

      adopted the synopsis as it stood.

    3. Contributions made for the committee or the INGO Conference

      3.1 European Landscape Award
      was informed, by the Chair, panel member for the INGO Conference, of the aims, procedures and criteria for conferring the European Landscape Award;
      was informed of the entries submitted and took note of the fact that the winners could not be announced until after they had been approved by the Committee of Ministers.

      3.2 International symposium of the European Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial Planning (CEMAT)
      heard Patrice Collignon’s report on the symposium and the meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials which were held in Kyiv (Ukraine) on 15 and 16 June 2009 on “A comprehensive approach to balanced sustainable spatial development of the European continent” in preparation for the Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial Planning to be held in Moscow in 2010;
      noted that three members of the committee had spoken at this symposium: Anne-Marie Chavanon, for the INGO Conference, during the opening session, Robert Lafont and Patrice Collignon in their capacity as experts, one on behalf of IFHP (International Federation for Housing and Planning) on the subject “How to reconcile the growth of metropolitan areas with balanced territorial development on a wider scale?”, and the other on behalf of the RED (International Association “Rurality-Environment-Development”) on “innovative approaches to comprehensive, balanced and sustainable territorial development”. Patrice Collignon had provided three examples of the integrated approach: Roufach (France), la Maremma (Italy) and Bekerich (Luxembourg).

    4. Committee projects

      4.1 Survey of substandard housing
      discussed the progress report presented by Anne-Marie Chavanon on behalf of the IFHP and the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), following the work begun by the NGO-Towns Grouping;
      noted the wide range of approaches adopted by the different countries and local authorities with regard to substandard housing and agreed on the need to channel the efforts of all public and private partners into tackling this growing cause of exclusion.

      4.2 2009 European Local Democracy Week (12-18 October 2009)
      held an exchange of views with Jos Lemmers, Head of the Department for Democratic Participation, on possible participation by the NGOs;
      took note of the activities developed by NGOs represented on the committee and specialising in local democracy.

      4.3 Biodiversity at global level: possible action in 2010
      discussed the action to be taken in preparation for a major event on the subject of biodiversity in 2010;
      heard Edith Wenger explain the importance of this issue for the European continent;
      set up a working group consisting of Jean-Pierre Ribaut, Patrice Collignon, Malou Weirich, Heleen Jansen, Jean-Philippe Durrenberger, Noel Orsat, Danièle Levy, Monique Bouaziz, Gérard Valette, François-Xavier Goettel, Françoise Ferrey, Georg Mäschig and Anne-Marie Chavanon under the leadership of Edith Wenger.

    5. Working tools being developed

      5.1 duly noted the progress made on the committee blog;

      5.2 discussed the Who’s Who directory being developed by Georg Mäschig, Vice-Chair, to facilitate communication between committee members.

    6. Next meeting

    Members were reminded that the next meeting would be held on 30 September 2009, in Strasbourg, from 9 am to 12.30 pm. This second session, focusing on governance, would deal with “participation tools”.

      "This is an unadopted draft document. Under no circumstances shall it be considered binding on the persons referred to therein.”.

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