Non-Governmental Organisations


Tuesday 29 September 2009 from 14.30 am to 18.00
Room 2, Palais de l’Europe

1. Agenda of the meeting : for adoption

2. Synopsis of the meeting held on 24 June 2009 [CONF/SOC(2009)SYN3] : for adoption

3. Presentation of the work of the working group on poverty, human rights and the financial crisis, proposal for a position paper and a Recommendation of the Conference of INGOs to the Committee of Ministers (Rapporteur Marie Eve Fischer) - for presentation and adoption

4. Preparation of the World day against poverty -17 October 2009 - For update and discussion

5. Council of Europe Seminar ‘At work, but poor and without a voice’, Malta, 14-15 October 2009 organised by Directorate General III - Social Cohesion (Verena Taylor, Head of the Social Policy Department, Directorate of Social Affairs and Health) : INGO participation: plenary key note speech on ‘Empowerment of poor people in Europe – an NGO perspective’ and facilitation of the workshop I on Empowerment of people experiencing extreme poverty – Participation structures and methods - For information

6. Preparation for the Hearing with Regis Brillat, Head of the Department of the European Social Charter and Executive Secretary of the European Committee of Social Rights on the Social Charter in the Human Rights Committee and co-operation between the Social Cohesion and Eradication of Poverty Committee and the Human Rights Committee (Gabriel Nissim, Chair of the Human Rights Committee) - For exchange of views

7. Negotiation of the draft Convention to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence (Karin Nordmeyer, Chair of the Gender Equality Transversal Group) – for update and discussion on: What role for the Social Cohesion and Eradication of Poverty Committee?

8. Call for support the UNESCO International Guidelines on Sexuality Education (Karin Nordmeyer and Guy Schlaeder on behalf of the health prevention group) : for adoption of a statement

9. Report on Health Prevention (Guy Schlaeder) – for update and debate

10. Report on the International Forum of social workers of Siberia and the Far East, Altai Republic, 18-22 August 2009 (Antonina Dashkina)

11. Any other business