Non-Governmental Organisations


    Strasbourg, 11 March 2011



    The Standing Committee, meeting on 27 January at the end of the Conference of INGOs:

- held an exchange of ideas on the conduct of the Conference, the changes introduced and the decisions approved on 25 and 27 January 2011, namely :

    o organisation of 2 annual sessions and a major colloquy/ debate in the autumn;

    o setting up of three committees: human rights – democracy, social cohesion and global challenges - education and culture ;

      o implementation of priorities for 2011.

    The need to move to a different, more efficient and more visible way of working calls for better co-ordination within and between committees and with the working groups: it is therefore proposed that a second post of Vice-Chair be created in each committee.

    The elections will take place during the session at the end of June under the current statutes and Rules of Procedure:

    o Call for candidates, around 20 March, 3 months before the vote, and submission of candidatures (form and covering letter) 2 months before;

    o The current committees and their groups will continue their activities until June and will accordingly continue to have access to the facilities and operational resources of the Conference: they must provide the Bureau with relevant information (dates, place, numbers etc);

    o In connection with the operational changes, the members of the Standing Committee will submit their proposals, suggestions and ideas (including for the preparation of the autumn event) to Iamvi Totsi by 7 February 2011 ;

    o A “virtual Bureau” meeting (analysis and summing up of proposals) will be held on 15 February 2011.

The Standing Committee noted that it had received terms of reference from the Conference of INGOs to represent it throughout the transitional period in connection with the reform of the Conference and, in that capacity, to take all appropriate measures to implement the reform.

    At its January 2012 meeting, the Conference would be required to ratify all the measures decided by the Standing Committee and, if necessary, amend its rules of procedure accordingly.

    Having been consulted on this subject, Rémy Berthier, Chair of the Verification and Disputes Committee, approved this procedure.

    The Standing Committee’s next meeting will be held in Paris on 11 March 2011, at the Council of Europe office.

    Rapporteurs: Alain Mouchoux/Michel Muller

    Amended and approved at the Standing Committee meeting in Paris on 11 March 2011.