Non-Governmental Organisations

Document III prepared by the Chair of the Civil Society and Democracy Committee
(in English only)

Preparatory documents for the Civil Society and Democracy Division meeting
Session of INGOs, April 2009

Strasbourg, 23rd of April 2009

Proposed action plan


    The need to identify a role of the Committee on Democracy and Civil Society after reorganisation of the Conference and the new Presidency;
    The need to continue and implement some important work already proposed and on going

It is proposed :

Among the on-going activities :

    To further support the work of the NGO legislation expert group and to continue the analysis also by asking a full involvement of the IONGs members of the Committee ad the Conference
    To follow and be involved in the implementation phase of the Code of Good practice for civil participation in the decision making by asking a full involvement of the IONG of the Committee as well as by lobbying their authorities. In this framework it could be important to make aware the next Chair of the Council of Europe, lead soon by the Slovenian Presidence, of this important instrument as it was reminded in the recent NGO conference in Lublijana
    To continue to be present and active in the process of the Forum for the Future of the Democracy of the Council of Europe, recalling the future event in Kiev in October 2009 and in Armenia in 2010.

And :

    1. To further involve and make active the members in the work of their Committee.

Get them involved and include their experience and suggestions in the work of the Committee in terms for the development of democracy and civil society and to support our role as 4th pillar of the Council of Europe.

    2. Further elaborate on the methodologies for participation of citizens and civil society

    Through the implementation of the above mentioned Code and
    the identification and study of new methodologies to fill up a democratic gap between civil society and authorities

    3. To continue to focus on Belarus and Eastern Europe civil society’s needs

    4. To increase visibility and the involvement of Committee in different platforms. By involving the participation of different member.

    5. To put in place a process of evaluation of the role of the Committee on the Council of Europe decision making through he action of the Conference of the INGOs, and improve the level of participation in the different decision making bodies