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For over fifty years now, a series of treaties have been negotiated within the Council of Europe which establish a common basis for co-operation in criminal matters across Europe and sometimes beyond. These treaties cover such co-operation mechanisms as extradition, mutual legal assistance and the transfer of sentenced persons, but they also address specific forms of crime which more often than others have a trans-border dimension, such as organised crime, terrorism and cyber-crime.
The Council of Europeís Committee of Experts on the Operation of European Conventions in the Penal Field (PC-OC / Terms of reference) is the forum in which, since 1981, experts from all member and observer states and organisations come together to elaborate ways to improve international co-operation in criminal matters and identify solutions to practical problems encountered in the application of Council of Europe Conventions in this field.

Information leaflet on the PC-OC in several languages


This website is in continuous development becoming more useful for practitioners involved in international co-operation in criminal matters.

New on this site:
Updated case law of the European Court of Human rights (PC-OC(2011)21rev.8)

- Revised template for country information on national procedures for transfer of sentenced persons:
State Parties are invited to fill it in and send it to the Secretariat by 1 September 2014

- Note for practitioners on criteria to assess whether a judgment in absentia and additional guarantees satisfy the rights of defence (in connection with Article 3 of the Second Additional Protocol to the European Convention on Extradition) PC-OC Mod (2014) 02 Rev

- The replies (PC-OC (2013)10 Rev.2) and summary of replies (PC-OC (2013)10 ADD Rev.2) received to the questionnaires regarding the implementation of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons and its Additional Protocol

Next PC-OC meeting: 67th meeting of the PC-OC, 18-20 November 2014
- Draft agenda

Last PC-OC Mod meeting: 18th meeting of the PC-OC Mod, 7-9 October 2014
- List of decisions

Last PC-OC meeting: 66th meeting of the PC-OC, 19-21 May 2014
- List of decisions

Special session on Extradition
- Presentation on Extradition and Human Rights by Mr Johannes Silvis, Judge at the European Court of Human Rights
- Report on Workshop 1 by Ms
Cătălina Neagu, Romania
- Report on Workshop 2 by
Ms Anniken Barstad Waaler, Norway

Recent ratifications and signatures to CoE treaties


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